On the 24 of August 2007 two people met and a beautifull cocktail was created.  VLTG ( pronounced VOLTAGE) is a fruit created by Rock Electro influences, made
with passion.

Vocals: Miss M, born in Turnhout (Belgium) on 24 August 1973 has no real musical background, but since years frequenting all kind of electronic parties, making she develloped a preferencial musical taste. With her partner she is trying to give life to their new born baby VLTG!

Music: Cherub Catkin aka Gregory Delabelle, born in Oostende (Belgium) on 30 August 1974.
Son of a Belgian DJ, Jean-Pierre Delabelle who owns the Juke Box Shop in Brussels, influenced him from day one.After been learning from people like Danny Collart (Dominium), Tony Varone (Bob Sinclar), Alain Raes, he released since 1992 all together 15 EP and Maxi on BE songs sublabels.



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