Ma Ku Su

It was towards the end of the 90s that Max Maleo began and made his first recording on the guitar with tape looping and analog effects to eternal delay. In 2000, Makusu started and invested heavily in electronic music. Computer-aided for a long time, he believed in the infinite field of possibility offered by the software and their different plugins. Exploring most styles of electronic music with appetite and curiosity. Despite a massive production of tracks, nothing seemed to really transcribe his intentions. It’s when he trades his computer for digital and modular analog machines that he starts to really find his own colors. It is this configuration full of constraints and in perpetual evolution that allows him today to express his musical emotions with precision and fidelity. Influences: Steve Reich , Laurie Spiegel ,Thom Yorke , Klaus Schulze, Jean-Michel Jarre , Cliff Martinez , Aphex Twin , Jon Hopkins , Sonic Youth , Brian Eno

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