… emerged as a solo project of Eric Franckx in 1997. Franckx combines the power of harsh electronics with complex and bombastic rhythms & heavilly tweaked synths to create an atmosphere of distorted aggression that shows no mercy in its relentless attack on your senses. Franckx’ creates paranoid, intense and threatened atmospheres incorporating elements of powernoise and analogue electronics. After years of activism in the electronic underground network of industrial music, ELFENKOMMANDO reached a larger audience by putting out his contribution for the CrO2-compilation on Walnut-Locust and his appearance on the legendary Belgium based Roulette Rekordz label. Before that, Franckx already made a name for himself with his impressive hardware-based live performances. He worked with Feindbild (Spectre Records), Empusae (Hands Productions), Nordlyss (Oscilliator) and several other industrial icons in various collaborations.

Glass eater

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